This room is breaking out,

Of itself, cracking through
Its own walls
In search of space, light,
Empty air.

The bed is lifting out of
Its nightmares
From dark corners, chairs
Are rising up to crash through clouds.

This is the time and place
To be alive:
When the daily furniture of our lives
Stirs, when the improbable arrives.
Pots and pans bang together
In celebration, clang
Past the crowd of garlic, onions, spices,
Fly by the ceiling fan.
No one is looking for the door.
In all this excitement
I’m wondering where
I’ve left my feet, and why

My hands are outside, clapping.

Imtiaz Dharker


  • The use of personification is obvious in the first stanza “Breaking out”.
  • Interpreted as the man breaking out of his skin and breaking free.
  • Alternate rhyme “nightmares, chairs”
  • “Pots and pans” plosive language
  • Enjambment “breaking out of itself
  • Verse 3 is waiting for the crescendo.
  • Punctuation “:” used to prolong poem (CAESURA)
  • “this is the time” Emotive and persuasive
  • Congratulating himself on leaving finally free.
  • “wondering where” Alliteration
  • Personifies the “Garlic onions spices” as a crowd
  • Free Verse Poem
  • The link below will help you if you would like a more indepth analysis: